Cadet kit

Cadet Kit

Here at the Army And Navy Store we offer a wide range of cadet Kit from, Rucksacks to Boots. Our Cadet boots come in both Brown and Black We now offer our own Branded Cadet boots for £39.99 which offer a fantastic mid range boots for the cadets. The black A&N Patrol  boots are a full leather boot with a soft warm liner to add to the extra comfort for the user. It also has a soft padded backing for an even more pleasurable experience. Other people that purchases this type of cadet boot are the Police force, Ambulance along with many types of security personal so with being light weight, soft and hard wearing they really are a fantastic all round Cadet Boot.

Cadets often need a Rucksack for different outings so we try to offer a wide selection hear at The Army And Navy Store, our popular bags start with the 28Lt Daysack which is a fantastic Rucksack for the cadets to use on a day to day basis. The print has been designed to be fully compatible with the current issue MTP Multicam clothing and equipment and the rest of their Cadet Kit. The 28 Liter Daysack will allow the cadet to carry enough items for 1 to 2 days including a full change of kit as well as spare boots if needed. This MTP Rucksack is also wide enough to hold your average size laptop

Going on from the 28lt Rucksack we now the 40lt MTP rucksack which is the next step up in size that we would recommend. This would allow the cadet to take enough kit for a weekend away / Camp. This Pattern is also fully comparative with their MTP uniform.


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